Hello, there!

I’m Rosane, your LGJ director. I started my language studies over 30 years ago when I learned English, my first foreign language. I developed an interest and passion for communicating in different languages and my learning journey never ceased. I taught EFL in Brazil and have been teaching Spanish and Portuguese in the UK since 2006.

LenguaJourney started 15 years ago as Joy Circle Languages in Salisbury, Wiltshire. The reason for its initial name was to create fun Spanish courses for children while learning a new language. As we have moved on to adult courses, the name eventually changed to LenguaJourney (pronounce it ‘laingwa’-journey). Lengua is language for Spanish, the same as ‘idioma’ (Funnily enough, ‘lengua’ also means ‘tongue’). We want to generate the concept of a journey while you learn a new language/lengua.

Why? Because it’s your steps towards your learning. You set the pace; you are in control of it. And as long as you are trying, we are happy too! Whether your reason for learning is for travels, living abroad, having a hobby or just for a good brain boost, LenguaJourney will meet your needs and take you into a world of new skills and opportunities.

Rosane Yates