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NEW: Spanish for children

Do you have children aged 6 to 8 years of age? Would you like to learn a language with them in a fun, practical way while supporting them in the comfort of your home? If so, get in touch for a six-week online Spanish or French course after school hours, in real-time, with a present teacher. Just fun, no homework! A small group of 4 will start in September 2023 (30 minutes). Get yourself and your children ready for your next holiday!

Let’s have an initial chat. Contact us for more information!

Our services offer two amazing languages in all levels: Spanish (one-to-one or small groups), Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese (one-to-one), including beginners, holiday Spanish and Portuguese, intermediate level and conversational groups. Classes are generally online via Zoom or Skype. We are also proud to offer you our latest feature- French beginners, one-to-one/ small groups. We offer practical and enjoyable conversational lessons, so your journey with us is easy and fulfilled.

Your progress managed, your goals achieved!

With our method, you can steadily learn, without continuous homework.

And how do we achieve this? By recycling our lessons and re-teaching old key points in different contexts, which means adding a few new topics to what is already familiar to you.

Due to covid-19 restrictions, we have taken our classes online. Looking at the bright side, it gave us a good chance to review our practice and rewrite a great deal of lessons and material to facilitate your learning. We hope to offer you on-site classes (in person) again in Salisbury, Wiltshire, provided we have the right numbers. However, we shall keep the online format too.

Online lessons have proven to be successful, as we have sized down our classes to a maximum of 4 to 6 students, so you always have personalised attention and never miss out on speaking engagement. Don’t be afraid to try Skype or Zoom classes! Enjoy learning in the comfort of your home with a cup of coffee/tea or even a glass of wine! Students of all ages thoroughly enjoy them and make the most of their experience online. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything technical apart from joining your classes! We’ll help you with it every step of the way.

Classes at LenguaJourney have small groups and are tailored to your needs, so you get the most out of your language session. Lessons are now regularly revised and reworked, so we respect your learning pace and develop your language skills as quickly as possible. All your handouts, videos and PowerPoints used in the lessons are sent to you via email at no cost. What is best, if you choose one-to-one, your taster lesson is free. However, rest assured, if you wish to join a non-beginners group class or a more advanced one, your first lesson will always be free so we can assess you with no pressure and you have the time you need to make up your mind. Contact us for our fees.

You will certainly need a few hours of home study a month, but short snippets of guided work will help you identify your strong points and see in which areas you need improvement.

Oops, our travelling rabbit on Bournemouth beach! Just a little joke…